Lomadee, uma nova espécie na web. A maior plataforma de afiliados da América Latina.
Lomadee, uma nova espécie na web. A maior plataforma de afiliados da América Latina.

quarta-feira, 12 de setembro de 2012

Learning English with BBC Radio

I decided to learn English, for real. So, as part of this goal, I started to hear the BBC Radio.

Why BBC? Well, like I usually watch a lot of movies and TV Shows from USA, I already familiar with the American accent. Not enough to understand everything, but more than the British accent, which I didn’t understand almost nothing. So, to improve my time, I analyzed that could be a great idea hear the BBC Radio when I do another things, like work and study.

I read in a text about how good is this exercise to hear: even if you don’t know everything what is being said. Just listen and be in contact with the language you want to learn for improve your knowledge.

I have been doing this experiment for almost a month, and I think the results are coming. And the best in hear the BBC Radio is hear accents from another countries. Only this week I could hear people speaking in English from Egypt (really hard to understand), Spain, Syria, USA and even Brazil.

I recommend this experience for everybody. Is always good to learn new things, and when I’m learning, still is possible know about the news from every part of world.

Oh, almost forgot: to hear the BBC Radio is simple: just visit http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio/. There you could hear a lot of channels about so different things, on air in the same time: BBC News, Radio 1, Radio 1Extra, Radio 2, 3, 4…and in some hours, there are stories like the radio serial (is really amazing, but I still have difficult to understand all story).

Anyway, this text probably has a few mistakes, because I still learning, but it is a way to practice (and also a way to test my brain, which really works doing this).

I hope this tip help other people that wants learn English. If you know good radios from other countries in other languages, share with us!

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